The Sports Development Foundation which commenced operations in 1995 was established as an independent body to contribute to the development of our nation through sports.

It is well established that sports (and its promotion as entertainment) has emerged as a large global industry driving other economic activities such as travel and hospitality, manufacturing, marketing, construction, media, health and personal care. Jamaica, however, has been relatively late in recognizing the potential of our sporting prowess as a major income generator for both the individuals and the nation.

The nation is now reaping some of the rich rewards that come from an investment in sports. These rewards include international recognition, heightened sense of national pride that grows from its accomplishment. These, added to our abundance of natural talent, an attractive ambience for the business of sport, have further enhanced our country brand.

Building Infrastructure and Supporting Administrative Capacity

While our achievements help to attract the participation of more and more Jamaicans in various sports, especially track and field athletics, or in many of the sport leisure and recreational activities that are now popular components in our social and economic life, it is important to develop facilities to encourage widespread participation. Sports facilities enhance the development of sports and strengthen sports tourism.

One such facility is the Mona Hockey Field astro turf, the only such facility in Jamaica and one of few in the Caribbean. Built by the Sports Development Foundation, this facility not only enables Jamaica’s hockey players to prepare and train under international conditions but also allows the country to host international tournaments. Such major facilities as the National Indoor Sports Centre, the Prison Oval in Spanish Town, Jarrett Park in St. James also benefited from funding from the Sports Development Foundation.

Our sports infrastructures, for example, provide several components such as playfields, seating, lighting at community, parish and regional levels, multipurpose courts in communities, schools and at sports complexes. Our infrastructure facilities are located island wide.

The infrastructure enhancement is matched by our funding to 40 National Association annually. The criteria for the amount allocated to each Association are based on a number of factors, such as, national impact of the sport, the number of participants and its achievement. The Jamaica Football Federation, for example, would be provided with larger support than that to the Jamaica Table Tennis Association.