Powerlifting is a competitive strength sport that involves three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. In Jamaica, Powerlifting is considered a nontraditional sport, leading to limited awareness and support from various stakeholders.

To address this issue and elevate the standing of Powerlifting in the country, the NPAJ has taken the initiative to strengthen the brand and improve public awareness of the sport.

Renese McLean has been appointed as the new social media Director for Powerlifting Voice's network by NPAJ President Mr. Michael Blair. Blair said this decision to appoint Ms. McLean to this significant position is to create a positive change and foster growth in the sport of Powerlifting in Jamaica. President Blair emphasized that Powerlifting in Jamaica has not received the attention it deserves due to its non-traditional status, leading to limited recognition from stakeholders and the public.

To overcome this challenge, the appointment of Ms. Renese McLean as the social media director aims to strengthen the brand of Powerlifting Jamaica and expand the sport's awareness across the nation.

Brand Strengthening: Ms. McLean's appointment is expected to revamp and strengthen the brand of Powerlifting Jamaica through strategic social media initiatives. By highlighting the sport's unique aspects, accomplishments of athletes, and engaging content, the aim is to establish a stronger and more recognizable identity for Powerlifting in the country.

Through engaging and informative social media campaigns, the NPAJ intends to raise awareness about Powerlifting among the general public. By providing clear and accessible information about the sport's rules, events, and opportunities, they seek to dispel misconceptions and create a better understanding of Powerlifting.Ms. McLean's role will also involve promoting Powerlifting athletes and events in Jamaica. This will not only highlight the talents and achievements of local athletes but also attract more
participants and spectators to Powerlifting competitions.

The appointment also aims to target the younger generation and encourage their participation in Powerlifting. By utilizing social media platforms popular among the youth, the NPAJ hopes to cultivate interest and enthusiasm for the sport from an early age, ensuring a solid foundation for its future. As the newly appointed social media Director for Powerlifting Voice, Ms. Renese McLean has outlined a comprehensive plan to increase the visibility and awareness of powerlifting in Jamaica. Her vision includes utilizing social media platforms strategically to engage the local powerlifting community, attract new participants, and promote the sport's significance in the country.

Ms. McLean recognizes that while powerlifting may lack exposure in Jamaica, there is a growing interest among enthusiastic youngsters eager to participate in the sport. The National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica (NPAJ) has already seen an increase in the number of athletes, and some are making their mark internationally. Ms. McLean believes that her expertise in social media can contribute significantly to the NPAJ's goal of developing athletes and raising awareness about powerlifting in Jamaica.

Her strategies for leveraging social media platforms include utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to reach the target audience. Each platform will serve a specific purpose, such as sharing inspiring stories, engaging visuals, real-time updates, and showcasing the excitement of powerlifting through short videos. By strategically using these platforms, Ms. McLean aims to maximize outreach and establish a strong and enthusiastic following for powerlifting in Jamaica.

To ensure a unified and impactful social media presence, Ms. McLean plans to collaborate with other stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, and organizers. This collaboration will involve content creation, displaying the sport in action, and sharing athlete and coach stories through interactive sessions. By involving key stakeholders in content creation and promotion, the goal is to create a compelling and emotional connection with the audience, solidifying Powerlifting's influence in the digital realm.

Measurement and analytics will play a crucial role in tracking and assessing the impact of social media campaigns. Ms. McLean emphasizes the importance of setting clear, measurable goals for each campaign and regularly analyzing the results. Data-driven decision-making will allow the team to optimize performance and achieve their targets effectively.

Despite limited resources, Ms. McLean plans to employ creative strategies to make the most out of the available budget for social media marketing. Leveraging the passion and dedication of athletes, coaches, teams, and volunteers, she intends to create a vibrant and engaging community around powerlifting. Encouraging them to share personal stories and moments will build authentic connections with the audience and inspire others to join the powerlifting journey. In the long term, Ms. McLean envisions Powerlifting Voice's social media presence evolving to establish powerlifting as a traditional sport in Jamaica. Her ultimate goals include gaining support for powerlifting to compete on a global stage and receive recognition as a national sport in the country.

Overall, Ms. Renese McLean's plan for Powerlifting Voice's social media strategy demonstrates a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to increasing awareness and participation in powerlifting in Jamaica. Through strategic content creation, collaboration with stakeholders, and data-driven decision-making, she aims to create a powerful online presence for the sport, driving its growth and success in the country.

The appointment of Ms. Renese McLean as the new social media Director for Powerlifting Voice's network is a significant step taken by NPAJ to elevate the sport's status and popularity within the country. By strengthening the brand of Powerlifting Jamaica and increasing public awareness, the NPAJ aims to overcome the challenges posed by the sport's non-traditional status and establish a firm foundation for the growth of Powerlifting in Jamaica. With Ms. McLean's expertise and dedication, the NPAJ is optimistic about the positive impact this appointment will have on the sport and its future generations.